Children’s Literature, From Denmark to Nepal

There isn’t a long history of children’s literature in Nepal, at least that I know of. I have heard of a few books written for children in Nepali like The Adventures of a Nepali Frog (Dhumdham ko ghumgham: Bhaktaprasad Bhagytako Nepal Yatra), and there must be others. A few people and organizations have been working hard to increase the number of books written in Nepali for children and to increase access to educational sources of entertainment in Nepali. For one, the school I work at has done a lot to promote the writing and publishing of Nepali children’s literature.

Maya & Max

A woman named Shrijana Singh Yonjan is also working towards providing educational TV for kids. She created a Nepali language program called “Maya & Max.” A couple of weeks ago, I went with my class to a presentation about this show, and it reminded me of some of the shows I used to watch as a kid, like “Zoom.” In “Maya & Max,” there are kid stars who speak to the camera while taking trips around Nepal and conducting interviews. We saw an episode, and it was pretty good.

The other part of the exhibit included a display of children’s literature from Denmark, which I absolutely loved. They had blown up drawings from the kids’ books and put them on glass plates behind which they shone lights to illuminate the pictures. While flipping through the books (which were also on display), I couldn’t understand a lick of what was written, but the illustrations were so fantastic, I didn’t feel like I was missing out. Some were a bit scary, and I was surprised that they were classified as children’s literature. But maybe that’s not so unusual. Some original versions of our modern day Western fairy tales are known for their gruesome and disturbing details. However, most of the illustrations were whimsical and imaginative, sometimes strange but lovely too. Here they are…

A little bit scary! They kind of look like zombies

The guy in the back reminds me of a creature from "Where the Wild Things Are"

I love his expression 🙂

Reminds me of Escher

One of the scarier images

One of my favorites

Another of my favorites