A Nepali Wedding of Our Own

IMG_20160424_193341 (1)

The front of our Nepali marriage certificate

Tri and I have been married for nearly 5 years! Which is pretty darn unbelievable to me. So much has happened in the last five years. I graduated from college, we lived in Nepal for 9 months, we moved to Boston, I got my masters degree, Tri worked at two different companies, I started my first job as a speech therapist, and we bought a place of our own here in Boston.

When Tri and I first we got married in 2011, we had a super small ceremony in my parent’s living room. All of that was in the wake of Mamu’s death, so although were delighted to be getting married, we were overwhelmed with grief. Then, when we moved to Kathmandu, we had to register our marriage there. I sort of consider that an extension of our marriage process because we got a Nepali marriage certificate at that time. Since our wedding in 2011, both of our families have been bugging us to have another wedding and/or a wedding reception. For a while, I thought that we wouldn’t do it. We’re both pretty shy people and neither of us enjoy being in the limelight. However, over the years, as we’ve had time to live together as a married couple, we’ve warmed to the idea of a big wedding celebration.


Tri and I went down to my parents’ house this past week to help get ready for our July wedding. One this we started working on was the mandap, the structure under which the Hindu ceremony will take place.

This summer, we will be tying the knot once more. We’re planning on having a Nepali Hindu ceremony – first thing we did last summer (when we decided that we wanted to have a Hindu ceremony) was get in touch with a great Nepali priest who will conduct the ceremony in both Nepali and English. Although the ceremony will be long (around 1 and a 1/2 hours. eek!) and many a Sanskrit prayer will be said, we’re hoping that everyone, both Nepali and American alike, can feel involved.

After the ceremony is over, we’ll have a big ol’ wedding reception. All of this will take place in my parents’ backyard in order to save on costs and capitalize on the (hopefully) beautiful East Coast summer weather. Tri’s family is coming over from Nepal, and we have family and friends coming from all over the US to celebrate with us. Although Tri and I were initially very hesitant to go through with a big wedding, now that our plans are coming together, we’re both really excited to be celebrating our marriage once again 🙂


7 thoughts on “A Nepali Wedding of Our Own

  1. Wow, a Nepali-style wedding after 5 years of marriage? Great 🙂 Sounds like it’s going to be fun.
    What I do not really like about Nepali weddings is the number of guests (every single person that you, your parents or your siblings know are invited of course), the expensive show-off money-wise and the ceremony being a very public affair instead of an intimate, private one. There are aspects that I like as well, but I don’t think I will ever marry the grand Nepali way, although that’s what my mother very much wants. Her logic is that since they have been invited to parties all their lives by everyone, when it’s their turn, they want to invite everyone too. 🙂

  2. How exciting! Congratulations! Once you put on that wedding sari you will feel so beautiful you will never want to take it off 🙂 I want to get married once more just to wear it again 🙂

    • haha. I have to say…I love the way that saris look, but I don’t like wearing them very much, so I’m sure I’ll be pretty happy to get into something more comfortable when it’s all over! 🙂

      • They sure are not comfortable, especially the wedding ones. I had some serious skin scratches and bruises after wearing mine for a day. But they’re just so pretty – it’s hard to resist 🙂

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