Blueberry Pie

We’ve been talking about going blueberry picking all summer but got caught up with other things and just couldn’t make it happen. Finally, after the move, we found a day to go. Although Boston is a beautiful city, and right on the water, which I love, it’s quite flat. You have to drive a ways before you can find any mountains, so we decided to go to Mount Major, a small mountain in New Hampshire.

We first heard about Mount Major when we were visiting NH last spring. What I loved most were the dogs! Both times we’ve been to this mountain, there have been a ton of people on the trail, and a lot of them bring their dogs along. Tri and I are still hoping to get a dog, maybe after a year or so, and we love being around them.

So with dogs as our companions, we started to climb the mountain. Here we stopped at one of the first clear views of Lake Winnipesaukee. We were hoping that we would start to see clusters of blueberries on bald patches of the mountain like this one, but there were none to be found.

However, there were gorgeous views of the lake. This is my favorite photo. The half ring of clouds around the outer limits of the sky looks so beautiful…

As we climbed up higher and higher, I had a chance to really enjoy the feel of fall. It was so hot last year at this time in Nepal, and Nepal doesn’t really have an autumn, at least not like the East Coast of the US does. I remember we went out of the valley for Dashain (I think in early October) and when we got back, the weather was suddenly much cooler. It’s different from the North East, where things change gradually from summer to winter. I’ve always felt the changes in the air first. It gets breezier, and starts to smell slightly different, the temperature changes slowly, and then come the beautiful colors of fall. On the day we went hiking, although the leaves were still dark green from summer, the air and temperature were different, and I could feel it on the mountain.

As we neared the top, even as the blueberry plants started to appear, there just weren’t any blueberries around. But finally, when we had nearly reached the peak, we found a few…

Alas, not the freshest looking blueberries. Apparently it was really too late in the season for blueberry picking.

We all left Mount Major a little heavy-hearted, our hopes of fresh blueberries dashed, but, in the end, we did get the blueberry pie that we had been hankering after.

My brother bought blueberries from the grocery store and made us a piping hot, gooey blueberry pie…



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