Pro Divers and Goat Meat

Life has been kind of crazy these last few weeks. We’re moving next weekend to our new apartment (yay!), so this past week and weekend have been full of packing, cleaning, and organizing our stuff. Two of my classes just started, so I’m starting homework and papers again. And a lot of our friends have been driving or flying to Boston from Philly, New York, and Kathmandu.

Despite the commotion, we’ve been trying to have some fun, so on Saturday night, we decided to go with some friends to see pro divers jump off of the Institute of Contemporary Art into the Boston Harbor. We had no idea how crowded it was going to be! There were thousands and thousands of people there. With so many cars and bikes and pedestrians, there was absolutely no way we were going to find a place to park, so we had to turn around 😦

Since we had some stuff to drop off at my brother’s apartment, we drove there instead. My brother was also supposed to meet us to watch the divers, but left shortly after we did and met us back at his apartment. After we had all gathered, we walked to Market Basket (the local grocery store) to pick up some food for dinner. Then we walked over to the nearby Indian store to get some essential ingredients for the Nepali-inspired chicken salad we wanted to make, including toreko tel, mustard oil. If it’s available, Tri and I put mustard oil in anything that needs extra flavoring, and we love to make sandheko bhatmas, (soy beans that have been roasted and mixed with raw onions, garlic, chili powder, and mustard oil). So we were happy to finally have our mustard oil.

On the way back, we saw these words written across a Tibetan/Nepali store front: chala sahitko kashiko masu paincha, which Tri translated to something like, “goat meat with skin is available here.” Tri loves goat meat, especially pieces that have lots of fat and skin on them. Although the store was closed on Saturday night, we know where we’re going for goat meat when Dashain rolls around 🙂


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