Wedding From Afar

Last year one of my cousins got engaged around the same time Tri and I decided to get married. I was really excited about it, but I kept waffling about whether or not I would go. I thought we might be in Nepal this summer, so at first, I said no. Then I found out we would be back in the US, so I said yes. But then I got a job for the summer that I couldn’t get time off for, so again I said no. I really wanted to go. I’ve never been to Washington state, where she lives, and haven’t seen this cousin in years. But alas, it wasn’t to be. My older brother also had to stay back in Boston for his job, but my parents and younger brother were able to fly out for the event.

They left last weekend, visited Seattle and then went up to Canada for a bit before traveling back for the wedding, which was this afternoon. Although I couldn’t be there in person, skype allowed us to watch the wedding from afar. My mom set up skype on her phone and called me before it started. Sorry for the bad photo quality, but here are the bride and groom…

I felt sort of out of place while watching, a bit like an interloper. It feels very strange to be watching a fancy event taking place across the country, in another time zone, while sitting on my bed wearing jeans and a t-shirt. But it was lovely to watch nonetheless. We had a couple of people skyping into our wedding last year, and I’ve heard of others doing it too. I’m still in awe that we are capable of connecting to each other in this way. Anyway, congratulations to my cousin and her husband!


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