Back From New Hampshire

I was off the internet most of last week because I was in New Hampsire with my mom, brother, and his friend. Tri came up to meet us on Saturday. Here are a few pictures from the trip…

Near Mount Washington

On top of Mount Major, looking over Winnipesauke Lake

A basin carved out by water

From the top of another hill in NH.

Tri and I got back on Saturday night and are settling into Boston. We’re about to move into our sublet for the summer and finally found a more permanent apartment for September 1st. Moving to a new city is so difficult! I can’t imagine doing it without the support network that we have. My mom has been a huge help, especially with hauling all of our stuff up here, as has my brother, who lives in Boston. Our Nepali friends have also been amazingly helpful. We’re staying at one of Tri’s family friend’s house right now, and one of our Nepali friends helped us find our apartment for September.

It’s always exciting to move somewhere new, and I imagine I’ll do it again for grad school and again after that for work. But after moving around so much, I do see the benefits of finding one place to call home. Who knows. Maybe it’ll end up being Boston.


6 thoughts on “Back From New Hampshire

  1. If you guys start feeling nostalgic for a Nepali restaurant, you should check out Yak and Yeti near Davis Square/Somerville.

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