Tackling My Bulging Suitcase

I’ve only ever flown through Delhi before when traveling to and from Nepal, but this time around we got a great deal with Qatar Airways, so we’re flying through Doha. We’ve only got about an hour and half layover before we have to catch a plane to our next stop, but I’m excited to at least get a glimpse of the country from the airport windows.

The problem with buying cheap tickets, however, is that you end up paying the price in other ways. While traveling through Delhi, we could take two 23 kg bags each, totaling about 100 pounds per person. But with Qatar Airways and as economy class travelers, we’re only allowed one bag, each weighing 23 kg. It’s a big difference, and not only do we still have the clothing that we brought to Nepal, but we amassed quite a few things while living here.

My already bulging suitcase. And there's still so much left to pack...

Why do we have so many things? And why is it so hard to get rid of them? I don’t love throwing things out, but I do have my cleaning sprees where I’ll go through my room and chuck clothing that’s ratty and old and donate things that others might be able to use. But it’s a little more difficult when you’re part of a Nepali family and/or live in Nepal. Most people in Nepal are quite frugal, which makes sense to me, but that also means saving everything, every plastic container, ever piece of clothing, even the ones you don’t use, every gift you’ve ever been given. You can give these things out to people if you don’t want to keep them but there’s no chucking them in a dumpster.

I was about to throw out an old sweat shirt that someone had given me as a hand-me-down, but Tri looked at me like I was crazy and said I absolutely could not. I get it. It makes total sense to save things, especially in Nepal where things are expensive relative to wages earned and where there are so many people who are in need of more clothing.

But it definitely makes things difficult when you’re trying to move across the world. I think for now we’ll try to stuff our suitcases as full as we can and if we go over a few kg’s, it won’t be the end of the world. Apparently they charge 13 US dollars per kg that’s over the max of 23. Yes, it’s a lot, but our tickets were such a good deal, that it’s not a huge loss.

Alright, I’m going to go and tackle my bulging suitcase. Any suggestions on packing techniques?


12 thoughts on “Tackling My Bulging Suitcase

  1. I know what you are talking about. I always have that problem when I leave Kathmandu. I have used space saver bag the last few times and it has helped me a lot to make my suitcase more manageable. The weight probably won’t go down but the suitcase won’t look so stuffy. Good luck and have a safe flight back…

  2. You may have some plastic bags i sent you at Xmas. They have a plastic slide along the top. You fill them with clothes, squeeze all the air out, and slide the plastic piece along the top which closes them.

  3. Except for the bags, travelling through Qatar is lot better than through India. When I traveled few years back, they allowed 2 bags per person ~23 kg each. Things must have changed these days. BTW where did you get your tickets from if you don’t mind sharing? I need to find some cheap deal too.

    • Part of the problem is that we’re not traveling Qatar all the way through to the US. Our last Qatar flight ends in England. Then we take a different airline. If you’re going to the US, they allow two bags, but since we’re not going there with them, we only get one per person. It’s really irritating!

      We got our tickets through Tri’s work, and I don’t know why travel agency they use, but if it helps: we’re taking Qatar to Doha and then Heathrow and Virgin Atlantic to the US. Maybe you can look at their websites and see if there are any deals still happening.

  4. Ohhh I know you problem too.
    When ever I flown to Nepal my baggage was soooo full.
    The most heavely I m wearing . When I have a stop over in the emirates I have to cary a lot of clothes.
    I know Qatar Airways have a extra baggage allowance for sport and trekking things ( 10 Kg).
    But you have to apply before.

    Have a good flight!!!

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