A Trip to the Kathmandu Zoo

I was surprised to hear that Kathmandu has a zoo. I guess my surprise comes from wondering how the animals are taken care of when the electricity goes out or there’s a water shortage, but they seem to being doing pretty well.

One Sunday afternoon Tri and I drove over to have a look. Like usual, I had to pay the bideshi (foreigner) price, five times more pricey that the local price. I was a little ticked off at first but accepted my fate.

Inside the zoo, the combination of people was a bit strange. When we first got in, it looked like mostly families with kids, but as I took a closer look, I realized there were a number of couples canoodling around the edges of the zoo, mostly on benches. It reminded me of a park I visited in India. When my family and I went to India a few years ago, we visited this park in Delhi with some ruins of what I think was an old temple. It turned out to be a meetup place for illicit couples trying to get away from prying eyes. That was kind of awkward for my family, but with the wider range of people at the zoo, I didn’t feel so out of place this time.

Some huge deer

They seemed to mostly have animals from South Asia and South East Asia, which was interesting for me because I’m not as familiar with the animals here. One was a giant deer. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but they was about the size of moose. There were also some beautiful birds. Unfortunately my camera ran out of charge at the bird cages, but I did take one of this red, black, and white feathered beauty…

There was also a hyena. We saw that the zoo was building something near the cage and had put up poles that looked like the beginning of a bigger fence. At that point we realized how disturbingly low the current fence was! And proceeded to back away slowly.

Water buffalo on a mound



There were the “typical” zoo animals as well like a hippo, chimpanzees, snakes, foxes, etc. And a funny water buffalo who was just hanging out on a small mound doing nothing for quite some time. I think the funniest part of the trip was walking past the rhinoceros enclosure and watching a man point to the baby rhinoceros and ask his family if it was a pig. 🙂 hmm….

Overall the animals looked pretty healthy and happy. Here are some more pics…

"What if you were in their place? Don't harass the animals"


4 thoughts on “A Trip to the Kathmandu Zoo

  1. I took my friend to this wildlife park outside of Houston on Thursday. We rode a tram around the park and fed the animals out of buckets 🙂 i loved being more interactive with the animals! There were mostly animals from India, Africa and other parts of Asia that were rescues. I would love to go to some I the animal reserves in Nepal and India!

      • Elephants are my favorite animals! I would really like to ride one. I am defiantly going to go there when I go to Nepal!

  2. Last year we were at the zoo too.
    Most fun I had by the waterbuff. when we were there a man was gone with an elefant arround the zoo, many children had fun, till is gone the elefant in the small lake inside the zoo. The elefant toke a bad there inside.
    I like the zoo…….

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