The Valentine’s Day Break In

Before I explain, let me tell you how our typical day works. We leave the house at 7:45am so that I can get to school by 8:15. After Tri drops me off, he heads over to his office. In the afternoon, after school is out, I take the school bus over to Tri’s work. Most of the teachers just ride the bus home, but since we live outside of Ring Road, the school bus doesn’t travel that far; that’s why I go to Tri’s place. I sit there working on my computer until around 6pm, and then Tri and I go home together in our car.

But there were a few kinks in our routine today. At 6pm, when we were ready to leave, Tri started rooting around in his backpack for the keys. Unfortunately, they’re weren’t showing up. So he said, “Um, Zo? I think I may have left the keys in the car.”

damn! “Okay, I’ll go to the car and see if they’re in there and report back,” I replied.

I walked over to the parking lot, peered in through the window and sure enough, there they were, dangling just out of reach. I walked back over to where Tri was, and we started to  plan. We have a spare set of keys that saved us on this day and were hoping that someone would be able to bring them to us. But after calling Buwa, we found out he was in a meeting and wouldn’t be able to drive them over. Tri’s brother was busy as well.

Buwa suggested that we take a taxi home, and I figured that’s what we’d do, but Tri had other ideas. He went to look for the drivers who work at his office to see if they new anything about opening a locked car. After discussing the problem with them for a minute, one of them pulled out a long metal ruler, and we walked back to the car.

I was getting kind of excited at that point, thinking it would be just like in the movies, where someone slides the ruler down a small slit on the side of the window, pokes around for a few seconds, and the lock pops open. But it wasn’t that easy…

First the driver and Tri had to remove a line of rubber along the base of the window to access the slot to the side of the window. That took about half an hour. And then they took turns jabbing the ruler up and down, hoping to catch something on the side of the door that would unlock it. But dusk was steadily turning into dark, and nothing was progressing. At one point, another guy brought out a long metal rod, the end of which he had bent into a hook. That seemed promising for a bit, but I was getting too fed up with the whole thing to wait it out. I needed a break, so I went inside Tri’s office building to use the bathroom. I told him to call me with good news.

As I was walking back out, I heard my phone ring and picked up the call optimistically. “We did it.” Tri said. Wohoo!

So we ended up breaking into our own car on Valentine’s Day. Not the most romantic evening but kind of interesting.

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! May we always love and appreciate the ones close to us who can solve life’s irritating problems 🙂


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