Having a Rough Time

Everything seems to be going wrong or breaking. The electricity is off for 10 hours a day, which doesn’t seem too bad except that I’m stuck at home at lot of time now that I’m on break, and it always seems to go off right when I need it.

Our inverter was also broken for a few weeks, so once my computer was out of charge and there was no electricity, then that was it. No more computer for quite a while. Thankfully the inverter is back from the repair shop and seems to be running smoothly. But now our internet has decided to stop working most of the time. We’ve been using this one company for the past several months, but they just haven’t been able to get our internet up to speed or to work at all. They say that the fog, which often visits us in the morning, is the reason for our bad connection. But we don’t want to pay for unreliable internet, so we’re thinking of getting rid of that service. We also have a portable modem from one of the big cell phone companies that sticks right into the USB port, but it’s also been unreliable lately (thankfully it’s working today). I don’t know what to do. If it’s the weather that’s causing our problems, then switching companies isn’t going to help.

Beyond little electricity and unreliable internet, there are also shortages of fuel. This week, all of the sudden, everything got much worse. The lines at the petrol pumps probably reach up to 30 or 40 cars/motorbikes at a time. Maybe more. The fuel dial on our car is getting dangerously close to empty, so we’re going to have to figure out something. Tri went over to the petrol pump this morning; however, they turned him away because they didn’t have any left. I heard that the reason for the fuel shortage is that the Indian suppliers have stopped shipping petrol into Nepal because the Nepal Oil Corporation isn’t paying its debts. I don’t know what we’re going to do when our fuel runs out (which will be by the end of the day). I think that Buwa knows somebody who own a petrol pump, so maybe we can contact him and see if he has extra gas that he’s willing to sell us.

The other thing is that I need to go to the doctor but can’t make it over there. Yesterday I had scheduled an appointment for 10am. This morning Tri and I walked downstairs and were ready to head out the door, but Tri’s brother informed us that there was a bhanda. I don’t know the exact details, but I heard that some of the Maoists who had not been given benefits had organized the bandha. We called the office where my appointment was to take place, and they confirmed that they were closed for the day, so we rescheduled for tomorrow. Luckily for the commuters, the bandha seemed to dissolve by midmorning. Cars, taxis, and motorbikes were back on the road. However, now I have no way to get to the doctor. I’m supposed to head over there tomorrow, but we won’t have any fuel left! And we live too far from the office to make it by bus. Maybe the taxis will have fuel and be running? But then they’re so expensive. I’m not sure what to do.

And on top of everything else, I’m freezing!! I miss my heated house. All of you Nepalis out there are probably like, “Yeah, yeah, get over it. We deal with this every year.” But it’s been difficult for me to adjust. I’m praying that this is just a bad period and hoping that everything will get easier soon…


17 thoughts on “Having a Rough Time

  1. Seems there are too many thing bogging you down. Am sure the cold weather will pass soon:). Probably you can eat more food that give you heat within – it might help. About the internet – sometimes we become dependent on something too much- probably you can take a break eventhough its forced:)

    • Your so right. Things will get better and I should take a break from internet! The only this is that it’s my lifeline to the outside world, both in terms of keeping up with news and things going on around the world and with talking to family and friends abroad.

  2. Oh no! Zoe, I hope you hang in there and get through this rough time with wisdom and positive mind. Once you start taking a negative look at things, they will look more and more miserable. I really wish there was anything I could do now to help you. Do you have enough warm stuff (e.g. warm socks, pajamas, blanket) with you? Would you like me to send you something from here? Please feel free to let me know if there’s anything you need from the US, and I’ll try my best to ship it. I have heard the problems of fuel shortage in Nepal…really, hang in there!

  3. Zoe – I am reflecting on my life when I was about your age. I am rereading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I read it when it first came out the summer of 1974. The difficult professor in the book was my actual professor. It takes me back to a point in my life where I decided to discard the comforts of an established path and just jump off the cliff to find out what would happen. I left college, hitchhiked across the country (I was in Berkley at the time) with nothing but $15 to start. When the money ran out I was in Jackson Hole Wyoming. I had gotten a job in a restaurant but had nowhere to sleep at night. It was October and very cold outside. I slept in a sleeping bag one night and got very sick. I found an unused ski lodge (it was before the season) and managed to get in. There was water and bathrooms and it was naturally solar heated by the big window facing the ski lift. I had some bouillon cubes and made myself chicken soup and nursed myself back to health for 3 days with no one to help or care. That was the low point for me. After that it got better and I never forgot the feeling of being helpless and delirious (I had a very high fever). You have challenged yourself down to the core. There is nothing in your experience that has prepared you for this – and that is exactly as it should be. It may be hard to see now but you will be stronger in ways that will only become apparent when you need to draw on that strength again. Hang in there.

  4. Yes I heard ist so cold there. days before I flow back just in the sun it was enjoyable.
    We bought a header, but without electricity?
    Hope for you it will be better soon….

  5. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I can commiserate with you. I hate bandhas!! Very inconvenient and not to mention frustrating.

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