5 Weeks of Break…

Today marks the first day of 5 whole weeks off!

The school year in Nepal is not set up the same way it is in the US. There’s no long summer vacation but a few shorter vacations placed throughout the year. These five weeks are the longest vacation I’m going to get. One of the reasons they have the vacation during the winter is because of the cold. There’s no heating at our school, so it’s quite chilly in the mornings. And nobody wants to see those little kids shivering anymore than they have to!

So I’m going to try and post most frequently during my time off. I’m also really looking forward to having time to just sit down to read and write. I’ve been compiling a list of books that I want to read, and now I’ll have real chunks of time to finish them.

I’ll also be studying for the GRE. I’m planning on applying to graduate school next year, so taking this test is a must. I scheduled my test for January 25, the last week of break. If you have any tips about what to study, how to study, etc, let me know!


2 thoughts on “5 Weeks of Break…

  1. Hey Zo! Let me know when you’ll be stateside (especially if it’s in old Missour-a). Are you going to grad school for ling?

    Also, I’ve always liked the idea of a few short breaks throughout the year as opposed to one long long one. My cousins in India and South Africa both have that system, and it works well.

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