4 thoughts on “Independence and Privacy: Looking for a Little More of Both

  1. Difficult topic. Most of nepali familys live togehter, there is no privat live for you enough.
    If I stay in Nepal then our family like it to go out visit friends or get friends to a dinner. Since some months my boyfriend has a own flat and if I come we have little bit more privat life.
    Bit sometimes I feel missing on the family…….
    And definatly never never I want drive own a car in Kathmandu? I like it so much to drive a car here in Germany, but in Nepal………NEVER

  2. I can definitely see finding space and independence being difficult with a family in Nepal. Even though I love my Nepali family very much, sometimes I felt a bit suffocated in the US when I couldn’t get things done on my own schedule since even though I had a car I was accountable to people back home after work. Likewise, when I was in Nepal they were so worried about me, they never wanted me to go out alone no matter how much I insisted that I knew the way. I know they worried because they care a lot about me, but it would have been nice to take a stroll through Thamel on my own, or buy small gifts for my family in the US without all of P’s family’s eyes on me would be nice.

    I’ve become much more laid back though. Before meeting P I was definitely more tightly strung, and cared a lot more about insignificant things. I am happy about how I have mellowed out a lot, but I still think if we were to move to Nepal more permanently I would need more space– even if that space was the small house right behind P’s family home.

    The date night sounds like a good idea! I hope you and Tri find enough time 🙂

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