Going Away Again

We’re headed out of Kathmandu tomorrow. This coming week is a holiday week (Tihar – the festival of lights – is coming up), so we have a few days off. We’re planning to go to Lumbini or somewhere around that area. I never really know exactly where we’re going or what we’re doing on these trips, so it’s always a surprise, which can be fun 🙂 If I have internet, I’ll post. Otherwise, I’ll see in a few days!

Also, thank you everybody for the discussion on jutho! I learned so much.


6 thoughts on “Going Away Again

  1. When you get back, please consider learning Sanskrit, for the following reasons.
    Knowledge of Sanskrit is viewed as very high status among brahmins and wipes out Jutho due to race, religion and diet. And make sure the extended family knows that you have learned Sanskrit.
    There will be no more Jutho episodes, and being a linguist, this should be easy

    Sanskrit is called Deva-bhashas – Divine Language
    Sanskrit script is called Dev-nagari- Divine Script

    Even for Nepali buddhist, Sanskrit is a divine language

    • Thanks Basundhara! It was pretty darn hot this time of the year too. The temples were so beautiful though! Google isn’t translating your page for me right now, but once it does, I’ll be able to read it. I see you went to the German temple too 🙂

      • Yes, we were to the German temple too. Most I liked that temple, but all of the other is beautiful too and so colorful. Do you know, when we wanted go inside the german temple was a break for lunchtime the staff. But they had heard my speaking german language and so we got a separate visit. Yeeee
        I hope you will show some pictures.

        Apropos I will come to Nepal end of november, but just for 3 weeks…..I m so happy

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