My Favorite T-shirts

Many older and married women here wear Nepali or Nepali-inspired dress on a daily basis. That might include a kurta (a shirt) with jeans, or more traditionally, a kurta suruwal or a sari for special occasions.

A lot of younger people and men wear Nepali style clothing for special occasions but usually wear Western shirts and pants.

Some of the shirts people wear have all sorts of funny and strange stuff on them.  Sometimes they have English written on them but with unusual spelling or grammar, like this one we found in a shop,

Sometimes the logos are really intense or almost scary. Here is our host in Kavre wearing a shirt with a skull on it,

And sometimes they just make for a good laugh,


5 thoughts on “My Favorite T-shirts

  1. Wow, way out there in Nepal. I’ve always wanted to see Nepal. Loved the photos 🙂 Especially the ipoood.

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