More on Pokhara and Chitwan

We just got back to Kathmandu! It felt so quiet and almost deserted where we were staying, so it was a little strange to be hit with the traffic in the valley when we drove in today, but I’m glad to be home. Here’s some more about our trip.

On Wednesday, we stayed on in Pokhara and walked up to Sarangkot, one of the high hills near the city. Here’s the beautiful view from the top:

After getting back to the hotel in the afternoon, we rested and then went to an amazing Nepali restaurant for dinner, called Thakali Kitchen. If you’re looking for great Nepali food in Pokhara, definitely go to this place. Here was a our main dinner:

In the middle is dedo. It’s buckwheat flour that’s been added into boiling water and stirred vigorously. It’s often eaten in villages where rice is not available and really fills the belly,  necessarily for a long day in the fields.

On Thursday morning, we left for Sauraha, home to Chitwan National Forrest. Chitwan was very quiet and full of beautiful fields of grass. The best part is the forest, which we road elephants into this morning. Although we didn’t see any rhinos, we did see a jungali kukhura “Wild chicken” and a ghore “monitor lizard.”

The elephants there have lots of personality, and just like humans, they understandably get mad if you don’t treat them well. Our guide told us that a few years ago, a tourist started teasing an elephant, offering him food, and then snatching it away. Soon enough, the elephant ran over and killed the tourist. As long as they’re respected, though, the elephants are fun to be around and very friendly.

Check out the photo page for more pictures from our trip.


4 thoughts on “More on Pokhara and Chitwan

  1. We were in Sanrangkot too……it’s a nice place.
    Thank’s for the advice about the restaurant in Pokhara, if we sray there again we will vistit.
    Regards Basundhara

  2. My last time there was in oktober 2009. Yes it’s a beautiful place…so silence.
    but my most lovely place in Nepel is the village Kagbeni, it’s near Jomsom in Gali Gendaki area.

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