Up to Kavre and Back Down Again

So it looks like I do have internet 🙂 Mama brought a mobile internet modem. Unfortunately, it’s expensive to upload photos, so those will have to wait, but here’s a little bit about what we’ve been up to…

On Monday morning, we left Kathmandu for Pokhara and got in around 5pm. On Tuesday morning, Tri’s brother woke us up at about 6:30, and although I was reluctant to get out of bed, I was glad I did because we got to see a bit of the elusive Annapurna range.

After eating breakfast, we drove about an hour outside of Pokhara and then started hiking for another two hours. We started in a deep, flat valley, and ended up high in the hills, in Kavre, a village of about 25 houses. The fields really were amber colored, filled with ripening dhaan (rice) and kodo (millet).

The people who live in Kavre are Gurung and speak Gurung bhasha, “Gurung language.” A small aside: Nepal is incredibly ethnically and linguistically diverse. It’s the one of the merger points for languages from the Indic branch of the Indo-European Family, like Nepali and Maithali and from the Tibeto-Burman Family, like Newar, Gurung, Sherpa, Tamang, etc. Hopefully I can write another post about that sometime, but anyway, the village was primarily Gurung.

We stayed in Khavre for about 3 or 4 hours, enjoying the sun and the company. Our host killed and cooked some local kukhura (free range chicken) for us. The jhol (“gravy”) was so good with rice, and the meat definitely tasted different from the kind we usually get in Kathmandu.

After eating majjale (literally ‘with fun’ but can also mean ‘with pleasure’ or ‘really well’), we sat and talked with the people for a while.

I took out my camera and got a few good shots of our new friends, which I’ll have to post in a few days. My camera has a nice zoom on it, which is great for taking pictures without being noticed.

In the late afternoon, we decided it was time to go home. Because we were tired, we got a special guide to go with us….One of the dogs from the village followed us all the way down from Kavre to our car. We kept expecting it to split off and head back to up the hill, but it never did. Eventually, when we got to the head of the trail, it walked away down another path. Bua asked one of the locals whose dog it was. He said it follows tourists up to Kavre and back down again because they never fail to feed it well. Now that’s a smart dog.


6 thoughts on “Up to Kavre and Back Down Again

  1. Oh nice you had a beauty trip. I like Pokhara too. My boyfriend at the moment he stay in pokhara with his guests. I m happy when you upload the pictures.
    Regards Basundhara

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  4. I want to visit kavre so bad. Even being nepali i never visited that place. It sounds so good after reading your blog. U must had fun out there.thank u for posting this blog

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