A Letter from the US

Before I came over here, I got a call from the Gallup Poll. I don’t usually respond to polls because the ones who call us are often funded by the far right or the far left, but Gallup is supposed to be pretty objective.

They asked me a lot of questions about being a young person in the US, about college, about how the economy is affecting me, etc. They then asked if they could send me a follow up questionnaire. I said yes but told them I would be leaving the country. I gave them my new address but didn’t expect anything to arrive. Yesterday, to my disbelief, a letter from Gallup arrived!

They cared enough to send it over here, so I’m definitely going to answer the questions. They also sent along a little piece of home:

Someone offered me 100 rupees for it (about 25 Nepali rupees more than a US dollar), but I just couldn’t part with it.


2 thoughts on “A Letter from the US

  1. 🙂 When was the letter postmarked? How long did it take to arrive?

    P and I brought $25 worth of American dollar bills with us, we were thinking we could give them out to little kids for Dashain. We figured they would love the novelty 🙂

    • That’s a great idea! I’m sure they’ll love it 🙂

      The letter was postmarked for the 5th of Sept and I think arrived around the 16th, but I didn’t pick it up until this past Friday (23rd).

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