East-West Music Collaboration

Bollywood music airs a lot in Nepal. The radio is full of Hindi songs, and the TV has several channels that show only Hindi music videos. I’m not a huge fan of Bollywood movies, and Tri absolutely refuses to watch them, but I do like some of the pop music that’s produced in India. Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot of Hindi songs that weave in Western melodies or combine original Hindi lyrics and tunes with Western pop songs. I’ve heard at least two Hindi songs on the radio that are sung in both Hindi and Spanish, like “Senorita” from the movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”…

There’s also a song that my brother-in-law really likes called “Dildara Dildara.” Some of the lyrics and melody have been taken from the American song, “Stand By Me” and infused with Hindi lyrics and some original melody…

Another one of my new favorite Hindi songs, “Tu Meri Chamak Challo,” is sung by Akon (the Senegalese-American singer) in both Hindi and English. I think it’s from the same movie as the song above…

I don’t know if Akon’s song is airing in the US, but other America-based musicians have also collaborated with South Asian musicians or used South Asian beats in their music and successfully distributed their songs in the US. So not only is Western pop music being incorporated into South Asian music, South Asian music is influencing Western songs as well. Jay-Z worked with the British-Indian artist Punjabi MC to produce “Mundian Tu Bach Ke,” featuring Bhangra tunes (from the Punjab region in Pakistan and India), and Missy Elliot (the American singer) also incorporated Bhangra music into her song “Get Ur Freak On.”

I really enjoy music that incorporates bits and pieces of many styles. It always makes for great listening.


4 thoughts on “East-West Music Collaboration

  1. The song “Senorita” is really catchy and I love the moves too. I think bollywood is doing really well as I see these movie playing in many cinemas all over Australia. Also there was a song “ Chiggy wiggy” with Australian singer Kylie Minogue which made the news here.

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