We made it!

On the roof of our new home

From left to right: Tri's brother, Tri's cousin, me, and Tri

We flew into Nepal last Thursday morning, and it’s been a crazy few days. A lot of memories from being here before have been coming back to me, although it feels very different. For one thing, being here with Tri is a completely new experience. Before I was here as a student studying abroad, but now I’m part of a Nepali family, which brings its own benefits and challenges. It’s also very different without Tri’s mom around. Her absence is hard to swallow, but we’re getting by.


5 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. Delighted to hear from you. Your mom looked over my shoulder as I read the blog. She and Sash stayed a couple nights and cheered Catherine very highly so things have been better.
    We will keep in touch.


  2. So great to hear from you. It will be a real education for me to have frequent news from you.
    Your Mom and Sasha look great and made me cheer up.

    Nepal looks just beautiful.
    We love you,

  3. Hi! I recently came across your blog. You mention that you have studied abroad in Nepal. I am very curious in studying abroad/volunteering in Nepal. What program did you go through? Thank you!

    • Hi E. I went through Pitzer in Nepal, run by Pitzer College. It was a really great program, and their Nepali language instruction is excellent. I think there are also programs through Cornell and SIT, but I don’t know much about them. You can email me at nepalijiwan@gmail.com if you have any other questions.

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